Built on the twin pillars of cutting edge antibody discovery and our unique PepBodyTM platform, Staidson Biopharma’s Biology division is pioneering development of next generation therapies for the most intractable issues plaguing the fields of autoimmune disease and immuno-oncology


At Staidson Biopharma, our highly motivated scientists has developed two cutting edge platforms for a robust antibody drug discovery engine which allows us to quickly generate the first-in-class and best-in-class therapeutical molecules possible in a time manner for unmet clinical needs.

Applying a combination of bioinformatics, structural biology and robust antibody discovery tools, SB-Mab Dis platform allows to quickly delivery the best-in-class of antibodies to vast range of targets in a time manner.

Protease Activated Targeting Strategy(PATT) is employed to combat cancer by taking the advantage of deregulated higher protease activity in tumor microenvironment. With our proprietary PepBody technology, recombinant therapeutics are modified with limited activity in healthy tissues and are activated mainly in tumor microenvironment.

This PepBody platform has potential to

  1. Expand the therapeutic index through reducing systemic side effects;
  2. Enhance therapeutic efficacy;
  3. Make combinatorial therapy possible;
  4. Be able for universal targets. 

The Immune System and Diseases

The advancement of 21st century medicine has allowed the exploration of diverse approaches to manipulating and reprogramming the immune system to benefit patients. Recent transformative therapeutics, e.g. PD-1/PD-L1 antibodies for immune-oncology therapy, anti-TNFα antibodies for autoimmune diseases, and many others, have motivated the whole biopharmaceutical world to pursue novel paths for immune-related diseases. At this exciting moment, we are seeking to integrate our computational biology, immunology, antibody engineering and protein science expertise to bring innovative new therapies to patients with cancer and autoimmune/inflammatory disease at Staidson Biopharma.

The immune suppressive tumor microenvironment (TME) helps the cancer cells evade immune destruction. At Staidson Biopharma, we focus on turning TME from an anti-inflammatory (cold) to a proinflammatory (hot) environment to boost the antitumor immunity. Our Biology group consists of young and talented scientists with expertise in immunology and oncology. We are pioneering drug target discovery and evaluation, new molecule design in collaboration with computational biologists and protein scientists, compound screening and characterization as well as biological activity analyses in relevant disease settings. Currently, we have six projects in different developmental stages.