Yueh-Mei Hsu, PhD


Yueh-Mei Hsu PhD Dr. Hsu joined Staidson Biopharma in 2020 with over 10 years of research experiences in oncology. She got her Ph.D in cancer biology in the Department of Basic Medical Science at National Cheng-Kung University in Taiwan in 2008, and did her post-doctoral training at [...]

Chong He, PhD


Chong He PhD Dr. He, Associate Director of Antibody Engineering, has more than ten years of experience in protein engineer, drug design and molecular biology. She earned a dual bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology at Peking University. She then obtained her PhD in Biochemistry in 2012 at Peking University with a [...]

Ping Yuan, PhD


Ping Yuan PhD Dr. Yuan joined Staidson Biopharma in 2018 with over 25 years of experience in protein science from gene to structure. Prior to Staidson, she worked at biotech companies in stem cell related protein product service, and in protein and antibody drug development. She obtained her PhD in molecular biology and [...]

Yong Yin, PhD


Yong Yin, PhD Dr. Yin joined Staidson BioPharma in 2018 as director of Protein Sciences. He has more than 16 years of bioindustry working experience in protein science, protein engineering and process development. Prior joining the company in 2018, Dr. Yin had been working for multiple biotech/biopharma companies, [...]

Wenwu Zhai, PhD


Wenwu Zhai, PhD Dr. Wenwu Zhai, currently SVP & CSO, brings more than 20 years of expertise in antibody and protein drug discovery and development from target identification, lead selection and preclinical studies to IND filling. Before joining Staidson Bio, he worked in world renowned pharmaceutical companies [...]

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