Staidson Biopharma Inc.
Staidson Biopharma Inc.

Staidson Biopharma - The Biopharmaceutical Company

Staidson Biopharma is a early stage therapeutic drug discovery company, dedicated to discovering the next generation of medicines for the treatment of various human diseases. We are a fast growing and expanding biopharmaceutical company in San Francisco bay area. We are mainly focusing on antibody and protein drug discovery and development in several disease area such as immune-oncology, autoimmune, inflammation and infectious diseases. Our highly experienced scientific teams consisted by impressive groups of industry professionals and distinguished researchers are highly motivated in innovation and developing cutting edge technologies for a robust drug discovery engine which will generate transformational medicines for unmet medical needs. Our mission is to discover and deliver transformative medicine to clinic, and to improve the lives of patients.

Staidson Overview

  • Company founded in 2013.
  • Pipelines in antibodie and protein drugs
  • Loacated in the San Francisco Bay Area
The Mission of Staidson Biopharma